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Power Sector

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Power Sector


  • The government has given top priority to the sector considering its importance in the overall development of the country.
  • As the country continues to industrialize the importance of power generation and electricity supply becomes a key government priority.
  • At present, 48.5% of the total population of Bangladesh is enjoying the electric facilities.
  • Total demand is projected to be more than 12000MW in 2017.
  • Bangladesh needs total USD 18 billion investments in the power sector to minimize this demand-supply gap
  • Public and private sector produce 63% and 37% of electricity respectively.
  • The power sector is a capital-intensive industry, huge investments are required in order to generate addition to the capacity.
  • USD 40 billion investment will be required for new generation and USD 8 billion for transmission network.
  • Private sector Power Generation Policy of Bangladesh has offered attractive fiscal and non-fiscalincentives.
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