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Export & Economic Zones

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Export & Economic Zones

Bangladesh offers export oriented industrial enclaves with infrastructural facilities and logistical support for investors both local and foreign investors. As of now there are 8 export processing zones operating in Bangladesh in various parts of the country. In these enclaves 566 enterprises are registered among which 445 are “A” class. Till December 2015 the accumulated investment stands at 3,747.53 million USD which has generated export to the tune of 49,322.97 million USD and the investment productivity per dollar is 13.16 times which is very productive by any standards. Furthermore the zones have employed 439,512 personnel at various levels. Through both private and public ownership and foreign investors are encouraged to join the development. The country is undertaken projects to develop core infrastructure including roads, highways, surface transport and port facilities for better business environment.

Bangladesh’s goal is to establish 100 Economic Zones (EZ) in the country to create structured and balanced investment to ensure that arable lands and habitats are least affected.

The broad vision for creating these zones is as following:

  • To Develop 100 EZs in the next 15 years
  • Create 10 million employment opportunities
  • Foster industrialization by increasing additional export of USD 40 billion

The policy perspectives to develop zones would be as the following:

  • Comprehensive industrial Infrastructure
  • Owned and regulated by the government, but managed by the private sector
  • Encompasses multiple business sectors within each zone
  • Combines both bonded and non-bonded area
  • EZ includes non-processing & domestic area
  • includes FDI and local investment

As of now 55 public EZ’s were under various stages of implementation. Details are shown in (annex: 1).

10 private EZ are underway comprising of 1071 acres of land in different areas of the country.

     Govt EZ’s:

  • 55 EZ comprising 75000 acres of land
  • Under various stages of implementation
  • These are country specific and heterogeneous
  • Fully serviced with all utility
  • One stop service for the investors

     Private EZ’s:

  • 11 EZ’s comprising 2000 acres of land
  • Under various stages of implementation
  • Fully privately build and managed
  • Fully serviced with all utility
  • One stop service for the investors
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