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Corporate Taxes and Cash Incentives

Corporate Taxes and Cash Incentives 2017-05-06T17:15:16+00:00

Corporate Taxes and Cash Incentives

Corporate taxes:

The prevailing corporate taxes for various entities can be summarized as follows:

Status Rate
Corporate Tax: (on net profit)
Publicly Traded Company 25%
Non-Publicly Traded Company 35%
Bank, Insurances, Financial Institutions (listed) 40%
Bank, Insurances, Financial Institutions (not  listed) 42.50%
Bank, Insurances, Financial Institutions (registered after 2013) 40%
Merchant Banks 37.50%
Cell Phone Company (40% if listed ) 45%
Cigarette producing companies 45%
Personal taxes (Based on defined income slabs) 10%-25%


Cash Incentives:

To promote non-traditional sectors export incentives are given on the FOB value of the export proceeds. The items wise details for the year 2016-17 can be summarized as follows:

New market and product expansion of textile market (except US, Canada, and EU) 3%
Export oriented local textiles (instead of duty drawback and custom bond) 4%
Additional facility for SME textile, 4%
Ship building, SME in textile industry, export of bone powder,  potato, jute thread, crust leather form Savar leather park 5%
Exporting frozen shrimp and fishes 2-20%
Diversified jute products, Hessian and sacking (jute finished goods) 5-20%
Frozen fish (based on ice coating) 2-10%
Ship export, potato, PET 10%
Leather products 13%
Light engineering products, furniture, leather goods 15%
Hand made products using straw, sugarcane extract 15% – 20%
Agro-processing and agricultural produce(vegetable and fruit), potato export, halal meat, vegetable seed, carbon from jute straw 20%


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